David Levithan Quotes: Harry Has Kissed Craig So Many Times But

Harry Has Kissed Craig So Many Times, But This Is Different From All Of The Kisses That Have Come Before. At First There Were The Excited Dating Kisses, The Kisses Used To Punctuate Their Liking Of Each Other, The Kisses That Were Both Proof And Engine Of Their Desire. Then The More Serious Kisses, The It's-getting-serious Kisses, Followed By The Relationship Kisses-that Variety Pack, Sometimes Intense, Sometimes Resigned, Sometimes Playful, Sometimes Confused. Kisses That Led To Making Out And Kisses That Led To Saying Goodbye. Kisses To Mark Territory, Kisses Meant Only For Private, Kisses That Lasted Hours And Kisses That Were Gone Before They'd Arrived. Kisses That Said, I Know You. Kisses That Pleaded, Come Back To Me. Kisses That Knew They Weren't Working. Or At Least Harry's Kisses Knew They Weren't Working. Craig's Kisses Still Believed. So The Kissing Had To Stop.
— David Levithan —

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