David Levithan Quotes: Brothers Are Not Like Sisters They Dont

Brothers Are Not Like Sisters [ ... ] They Don't Call Each Other Every Week. They Don't Have Secret Worlds To Share. Can You Think Of Two Brothers Who Are Really, Inseparably Close? No, For Brothers It's A Different Set Of Rules. Like It Or Not, We're Held To The Bare Minimum. Will You Be There For Him If He Needs You? Of Course. Should You Love Him Without Question? Absolutely. But Those Are The Easy Things. Do You Make Him A Large Part Of Your Life, An Equal To A Wife Or A Best Friend? At The Beginning, When You're Kids, The Answer Is Often Yes. But When You Get To High School, Or Older? Do You Tell Him Everything? Do You Let Him Know Who You Really Are? The Answer Is Usually No. Because All These Other Things Get In The Way. Girlfriends. Rebellion. Work.
— David Levithan —

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