Quentin Crisp Quotes: The Average Woman Unless She Is

The Average Woman, Unless She Is Particularly Ill-favored, Regards Loving And Being Loved As A Normal Part Of Life. If A Man Says He Loves Her She Believes Him. Indeed Some Women Are Convinced They Are Adored By Men Who Can Be Seen By All To Be Running In The Opposite Direction. For Homosexuals This Is Not So. Love And Admiration Have To Be Won Against Heavy Odds. Any Declaration Of Affection Requires Proof. So Many Approaches Made To Them Are Insincere - Even Hostile. What Better Proof Of Love Can There Be Than Money? A Ten-shilling Note Showed Incontrovertibly Just How Mad About You A Man Is. Even In The Minds Of Some Women A Confusion Exists Between Love And Money If The Quantity Is Large Enough. They Evade The Charge Of Mercenariness By Using The Cash They Extort From One Man To Deal A Bludgeoning Blow Of Humiliation Upon Another. Some Homosexuals Attempt This Gambit, But It Is Risky. The Giving Of Money Is A Masculine Act And Blurs The Internal Image.
— Quentin Crisp —

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