Gregory David Roberts Quotes: She Had To Do Thatshe Had To Become A

She Had To Do That
she Had To Become A Widow, For Life, Before She Was Even Married. That's Why I Never Got Married. I'm Thirty-eight Years Old. I Can Read And Write Very Well
my Mother Made Sure I Was Educated
and I Do The Bookwork For All The Shops And Businesses In The Slum. I Do The Taxes For Every Man Who Pays Them. I Make A Good Living Here, And I Have Respect. I Shouldn't Been Married Fifteen Or Even Twenty Years Ago. But She Was A Widow, All Her Life, For Me. And I Couldn't Do It. I Just Couldn't Allow Myself To Get Married. I Kept Hoping I Would See Him, The Sailor With The Best Moustache. My Mother Had One Very Old, Faded Photograph Of The Two Of Them, Looking Very Serious And Stern. That's Why I Lived In This Area. I Always Hoped I Would See Him. And I Never Married. And She Died Last Week, Lin. My Mother Died Last Week.
— Gregory David Roberts —

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