Samar Sudha Quotes: Love Of The God Love Has Power Power Of

"Love Has Power, Power Of Devine
It Fills Meaning Of One Life,
Love Is The Gift, Gift That Gets Of Fortune,
Rather You Aren't Going For,
but Some Divines Put You In.
Without Love, Life Is Like Blank Book,
Like In Darkness One Tries To Look.
There Are Some Shoulder Made For Each And Everyone,
To Let Your Self Lean And Get Relax.
But When You Are Shrugged Off By Own,
God Himself Comes And Give You Calmness.
Be Believer Of God, He Will Always With You.
Either Anyone Loves You Or Not But He Will.
We Find Gains And Such Things In Sake Of Love,
But In His Way He Always Just Make You Feel Better Even How Wrong Or Bad You Are!
He Has His Own Way To Spread Love In One Life, We Should Have Such A Trust And Would Get That We Need To Have!!!!
-Samar Sudha
— Samar Sudha —

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