Michio Kaku Quotes: Whether We Like It Or Not If We Are To

Whether We Like It Or Not, If We Are To Pursue A Career In Science, Eventually We Have To Learn The "language Of Nature": Mathematics. Without Mathematics, We Can Only Be Passive Observers To The Dance Of Nature Rather Than Active Participants. As Einstein Once Said, "Pure Mathematics Is, In Its Way, The Poetry Of Logical Ideas." Let Me Offer An Analogy. One May Love French Civilization And Literature, But To Truly Understand The French Mind, One Must Learn The French Language And How To Conjugate French Verbs. The Same Is True Of Science And Mathematics. Galileo Once Wrote, "[The Universe] Cannot Be Read Until We Have Learnt The Language And Become Familiar With The Characters In Which It Is Written. It Is Written In Mathematical Language, And The Letters Are Triangles, Circles, And Other Geometrical Figures, Without Which Means It Is Humanly Impossible To Understand A Single Word.
— Michio Kaku —

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