Meg Cabot Quotes: Well I Guess Slave Runners Arent Really

Well, I Guess Slave-runners Aren't Really My Cup Of Tea. That Is Who You Married Instead, Right? A Slave-runner. Your Father Must Have Been So Proud."
That Wiped The Grin Right Off Her Face.
"You Leave My Father Out Of This," She Snarled.
"Oh, Why?" I Asked. "Tell Me Something, Is He Sore At You? Your Dad, I Mean. You Know, For Having Jesse Killed? Because I Imagine He Would Be. I Mean, Basically, Thanks To You, The De Silva Family Line Ran Out. And Your Kids With That Diego Dude Turned Out To Be, As We've Already Discussed, Major Losers. I Bet Whenever You Run Into Your Dad Out There, You Know, On The Spiritual Plane, He Doesn't Even Say Hi Anymore, Does He? That's Gotta Hurt."
I'm Not Sure How Much Of That, If Any, Maria Actually Understood. Still, She Seemed Plenty Mad.
— Meg Cabot —

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