Jessica Brody Quotes: My Mom Tries To Comfort Me By Saying

My Mom Tries To Comfort Me By Saying That Girls Like Heather Campbell Tend To Peak Early In Life And Then Quickly Fade. That's Why She Looks So Much Better Than Everyone Now. But By The Time I Go To My Ten-year Reunion, I'll Be Way Prettier Than She Is. To Which I Always Reply With The Same Statement, "I Don't Want To Be Pretty In Ten Years. I Want To Be Pretty Now."
Because What Good Is It To Me Now That I Might Or Might Not Be Drop-dead Gorgeous When I'm Twenty-seven? It's Not Like I Can Go To School Every Day With A Big Cardboard Sign Around My Neck That Says, "Trust Me, In Ten Years, I'll Look Like This." And Then An Arrow Pointing To A Picture Of A Supermodel.
— Jessica Brody —

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