Chloe Neill Quotes: Jeff Opened Blue Eyes Grinned At Me If

Jeff Opened Blue Eyes, Grinned At Me. "If You're Feeling Left Out ... " I Almost Threw Out An Instinctive No, But I Decided To Throw Him A Bone. "Oh, Jeff. It'd Be Too Good-you And Me. Too Powerful, Too Much Emotion, Too Much Heat. We'd Come Together And Boom"-I Clapped My Hands Together-"like A Moth To A Flame, There'd Be Nothing Left." His Eyes Glazed Over. "Combustion?" "Totally." He Was Quiet For A Moment, His Index Finger Tracing A Pattern On The Knee Of His Jeans. Then He Nodded. "Too Powerful. It'd Destroy Us Both." I Nodded Solemnly. "Probably So." But I Leaned Over, Pressed My Lips To His Forehead. "We'll Always Have Chicago." "Chicago," He Dreamily Repeated. "Yeah. Definitely." He Cleared His Throat, Seemed To Regain A Little Composure. "When I Tell This Story Later, You Kissed Me On The Mouth. With Tongue. And You Were Handsy." I Chuckled. "Fair Enough.
— Chloe Neill —

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