Rachel Van Dyken Quotes: When I Met You Somehow You Healed Me

When I Met You - Somehow You Healed Me. From The Inside Out, The Outside In. We Conquered Fears Together, We Learned, We Laughed, And We Loved. I Swear, You Caused My Heart To Soar More In The Past Few Months Than It Has In My Entire Existence. My Heart Is Whole Because You Chose To Share Yours With Me, And It's For That Reason That I Get Down On Not One, But Both Knees ... " I Knelt In Front Of Her And Gripped Her Hand. "And Say Thank You. Thank You For Saving My Life, Thank You For Loving Me Enough To Treasure Your Own, And Thank You For Being My Strength When I Had None. I'd Like To Think Our Hearts Are Joined - Forever Entwined - But Considering That's Not Technically A Legal Joining, I Have A Question For You
Marry Me? Make Me The Happiest Man Alive." I Opened The Box Revealing My Mom's Ring.
— Rachel Van Dyken —

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