Meg Wolitzer Quotes: For While Theyd Stayed Close During The

For While They'd Stayed Close During The Absurd Years Of His Sharp Rise, Having Children Had Knocked It All Into A Different Arrangement. The Minute You Had Children You Closed Ranks. You Didn't Plan This In Advance, But It Happened. Families Were Like Individual, Discrete, Moated Island Nations. The Little Group Of Citizens On The Slab Of Rock Gathered Together Instinctively, Almost Defensively, And Everyone Who Was Outside The Walls
even If You'd Once Been Best Friends
was Now Just That, Outsiders. Families Had Their Ways. You Took Note Of How Other People Raised Their Kids, Even Other People You Loved, And It Seemed All Wrong. The Culture And Practices Of One's Own Family Were The Only Way, For Better Or Worse. Who Could Say Why A Family Decided To Have A Certain Style, To Tell The Jokes It Did, To Put Up Its Particular Refrigerator Magnets?
— Meg Wolitzer —

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