Ovid Quotes: Look At The Four Spaced Yearthat

Look At The Four-spaced Year
That Imitates Four Seasons Of Our Lives;
First Spring, That Delicate Season, Bright With Flowers,
Quickening, Yet Shy, And Like A Milk-fed Child,
Its Way Unsteady While The Countryman
Delights In Promise Of Another Year.
Green Meadows Wake To Bloom, Frail Shoots And Grasses,
And Then Spring Turns To Summer's Hardiness,
The Boy To Manhood. There's No Time Of Year
Of Greater Richness, Warmth, And Love Of Living,
New Strength Untried. And After Summer, Autumn,
First Flushes Gone, The Temperate Season Here
Midway Between Quick Youth And Growing Age,
And Grey Hair Glinting When The Head Turns Toward Us,
Then Senile Winter, Bald Or With White Hair,
Terror In Palsy As He Walks Alone.
— Ovid —

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