Henry Cloud Quotes: Safe Relationships Are Centered And

Safe Relationships Are Centered And Grounded In Forgiveness. When You Have A Friend With The Ability To Forgive You For Hurting Her Or Letting Her Down, Something Deeply Spiritual Occurs In The Transaction Between You Two. You Actually Experience A Glimpse Of The Deepest Nature Of God Himself. People Who Forgive Can-and Should-also Be People Who Confront. What Is Not Confessed Can't Be Forgiven. God Himself Confronts Our Sins And Shows Us How We Wound Him: "I Have Been Hurt By Their Adulterous Hearts Which Turned Away From Me, And By Their Eyes, Which Played The Harlot After Their Idols" (Ezek. 6:9 NASB). When We Are Made Aware Of How We Hurt A Loved One, Then We Can Be Reconciled. Therefore, You Shouldn't Discount Someone Who "has Something Against You," Labeling Him As Unsafe. He Might Actually Be Attempting To Come Closer In Love, In The Way That The Bible Tells Us We Are To Do.
— Henry Cloud —

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