Mary Shelley Quotes: I Learned That The Possessions Most

I Learned That The Possessions Most Esteemed By Your Fellow-creatures Were, High And Unsullied Descent United With Riches. A Man Might Be Respected With Only One Of These Acquisitions; But Without Either He Was Considered, Except In Very Rare Instances, As A Vagabond And Slave, Doomed To Waste His Powers For The Profit Of The Chosen Few. And What Was I? Of My Creation And Creator I Was Absolutely Ignorant; But I Knew That I Possessed No Money, No Friends, No Kind Of Property. I Was, Besides, Endowed With A Figure Hideously Deformed And Loathsome; I Was Not Even Of The Same Nature As Man. I Was More Agile Than They, And Could Subsist Upon Coarser Diet; I Bore The Extremes Of Heat And Cold With Less Injury To My Frame; My Stature Far Exceeded Their's. When I Looked Around, I Saw And Heard Of None Like Me. Was I Then A Monster, A Blot Upon The Earth, From Which All Men Fled, And Whom All Men Disowned?
— Mary Shelley —

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