G.K. Chesterton Quotes: I Feel Grateful For The Slight Sprain

I Feel Grateful For The Slight Sprain Which Has Introduced This Mysterious And Fascinating Division Between One Of My Feet And The Other. The Way To Love Anything Is To Realise That It Might Be Lost. In One Of My Feet I Can Feel How Strong And Splendid A Foot Is; In The Other I Can Realise How Very Much Otherwise It Might Have Been. The Moral Of The Thing Is Wholly Exhilarating. This World And All Our Powers In It Are Far More Awful And Beautiful Than Even We Know Until Some Accident Reminds Us. If You Wish To Perceive That Limitless Felicity, Limit Yourself If Only For A Moment. If You Wish To Realise How Fearfully And Wonderfully God's Image Is Made, Stand On One Leg. If You Want To Realise The Splendid Vision Of All Visible Things
Wink The Other Eye.
— G.K. Chesterton —

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