Tammara Webber Quotes: Let Me Tell You Girls A Story Short And

Let Me Tell You Girls A Story, Short And Sweet. In High School, I Was A Junior Varsity Cheerleader Dating A Senior Who Was Up For Football Scholarships. I'd Slept With Him Several Times Willingly. One Night I Wasn't In The Mood, But He Was. So He Held Me Down And Forced Me. The Few People I Told About It - Including My Best Friend - Pointed Out What Would Happen To Him If I Told. They Stressed The Fact That I Hadn't Been A Virgin, That We Were Dating, That We'd Had Sex Before. So I Kept Quiet. I Never Even Told My Mother. That Boy Put Bruises On My Body. I Was Crying And Begging Him To Stop And He Didn't. That's Called Rape, Ladies.
— Tammara Webber —

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