Hermann Hesse Quotes: I Have No Idea Whether Parents Can Be Of

I Have No Idea Whether Parents Can Be Of Help, And I Do Not Blame Mine. It Was My Own Affair To Come To Terms With Myself And To Find My Own Way, And Like Most Well-brought-up Children, I Managed It Badly.
Everyone Goes Through This Crisis. For The Average Person This Is The Point When The Demands Of His Own Life Come Into The Sharpest Conflict With His Environment, When The Way Forward Has To Be Sought With The Bitterest Means At His Command. Many People Experience The Dying And Rebirth - Which Is Our Fate - Only This Once During Their Entire Life. Their Childhood Becomes Hollow And Gradually Collapses, Everything They Love Abandons Them And They Suddenly Feel Surrounded By The Loneliness And Mortal Cold Of The Universe. Very Many Are Caught Forever In This Impasse, And For The Rest Of Their Lives Cling Painfully To An Irrevocable Past, The Dream Of The Lost Paradise - Which Is The Worst And Most Ruthless Of Dreams.
— Hermann Hesse —

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