John Waters Quotes: In Hollywood The Real Stars Are All In

In Hollywood, The Real Stars Are All In Animation. Alvin And The Chipmunks Don't Throw Star Fits, Don't Demand Custom-designed Winnebagos, And Are A Breeze At Costume Fittings. Cruella DeVille, Gorgo, Rainbow Brite, Gus-Gus, Uncle Scrooge, And The Care Bears Are All Superstars And They Don't Have Drug Problems, Marital Difficulties, Or Paternity Suits To Blacken Their Images. They Don't Age, Balk At Promoting, Or Sass Highly Paid Directors. Plus, You Can Market Them To Death And They Never Feel Exploited. I'd Like To Do A Big-budget Snuff Film Starring Every Last One Of Them.
— John Waters —

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