Belle Aurora Quotes: Nik Stands And Walks Over To Us He

Nik Stands And Walks Over To Us. He Kisses My Cheek Before Taking Ash In A Full-blown Man Hug. A Long One. They Both Seem To Be A Little Emotional. Nik Whispers Something To Ash And Ash Nods Before He Slaps Nik's Back A Few Times And They Part. Nik Moves To Stand Between Us And Says, "It's My Honor To Present The New Mr. And Mrs. Asher Collins."
Everyone Stands Up, Whooping And Cheering. And That's About The Time I Burst Into Tears.
I'm Suddenly Being Group Hugged And Tina Wails, "I'm So Happy For You, You Crazy Lady!"
I Wail Right Back, "I'm So Happy I Could Shit Rainbows!"
Lola Cheers. "I'm So F**king Happy Right Now!"
Mimi Kisses My Head And Rocks Me Slightly. She Says In A Sing-song Voice, "I Knew All Along!
— Belle Aurora —

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