Peter Matthiessen Quotes: After Midday The Rain Eased And The Land

After Midday, The Rain Eased, And The Land Rover Rode Into Pokhara On A Shaft Of Storm Light. Next Day There Was Humid Sun And Shifting Southern Skies, But To The North A Deep Tumult Of Swirling Grays Was All That Could Be Seen Of The Himalaya. At Dusk, White Egrets Flapped Across The Sunken Clouds, Now Black With Rain; On Earth, The Dark Had Come. Then Four Miles Above These Mud Streets Of The Lowlands, At A Point So High As To Seem Overhead, A Luminous Whiteness Shone- The Light Of Snows. Glaciers Loomed And Vanished In The Grays, And The Sky Parted, And The Snow Cone Of Machhapuchare Glistened Like A Spire Of A Higher Kingdom. In The Night, The Stars Convened, And The Vast Ghost Of Machhapuchare Radiated Light, Although There Was No Moon.
— Peter Matthiessen —

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