Donna Lynn Hope Quotes: A Friendship Has But One Chief Adversary

A Friendship Has But One Chief Adversary And That Is Envy. It Is Sired By Resentment With The Potential Consequence Of Unresolved Estrangement." She Looked At The Woman In Conflict And Said, "Do Not Envy Her But Imagine What It Took For Her To Have What You Resent Her For. Would You Want To Embark Upon Her Journey Instead Of Your Own To Procure It? You Notice Her Abundance But Overlook Her Losses; Do Not Envy Her Because She Would Rather Have Your Friendship Than Your Envy." The Woman Looked At Her And Nodded In Accord, "And How Do You Do That?" She Asked. The Woman Sighed In Reflective Thought. "By Changing The Way You Think.
— Donna Lynn Hope —

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