Maxine Hong Kingston Quotes: To Write Out The Precepts Again We

To Write Out The Precepts Again, We Contend With Them, And Keep Them; We Build Our Humanity, And Keep Our Humanity Alive ... Thay Has Named The Precepts 'wonderful' ... Wonderful Because They Can Protect Us, And Show Us How To Live A Joyous Life, An Interesting, Adventurous, Deep, Large Life, And How To Be With One Another, And With Animals, Plants, And All The Earth And Universe. Wonderful Because When We Practice The Precepts, We Existentially Become Humane, We Embody Loving Kindness ... Standing In The Midst Of Burning Ruins, I Was Glad That I Knew The Precepts. Though I Kept Their Tenets Imperfectly, Even In Aspiration I Created Some Invisible Good That Could Not Be Destroyed ... The Five Wonderful Precepts Give Clear And Simple Directions To Finding That Life. In Devastation, I Have Blueprints For Making Home Anew (90-92).
For A Future To Be Possible: Commentaries On The Five Wonderful Precepts
— Maxine Hong Kingston —

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