Norman Doidge Quotes: Freemans Theory Helps To Explain How

Freeman's Theory Helps To Explain How Love And Plasticity Affect Each Other. Plasticity Allows Us To Develop Brains So Unique In Response To Our Individual Life Experiences - That It Is Often Hard To See The World As Others Do, To Want What They Want, Or To Cooperate. But The Successful Reproduction Of Our Species Requires Cooperation. What Nature Provides, In A Neuromodulator Like Oxytocin, Is The Ability For Two Brains In Love To Go Through A Period Of Heightened Plasticity, Allowing Them To Mold To Each Other And Shape Each Other's Intentions And Perceptions. The Brain For Freeman Is Fundamentally An Organ Of Socialization, And So There Must Be A Mechanism That, From Time To Time, Undoes Our Tendency To Become Overly Individualized, Overly Self-involved, And Too Self-centered.
— Norman Doidge —

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