Orhan Pamuk Quotes: People Might Feel Sorry For A Man Whos

People Might Feel Sorry For A Man Who's Fallen On Hard Times, But When An Entire Nation Is Poor, The Rest Of The World Assumes That All Its People Must Be Brainless, Lazy, Dirty, Clumsy Fools. Instead Of Pity, The People Provoke Laughter. It's All A Joke: Their Culture, Their Customs, Their Practices. In Time The Rest Of The World May, Some Of Them, Begin To Feel Ashamed For Having Thought This Way, And When They Look Around And See Immigrants From That Poor Country Mopping Their Floors And Doing All The Other Lowest Paying Jobs, Naturally They Worry About What Might Happen If These Workers One Day Rose Up Against Them. So, To Keep Things Sweet, They Start Taking An Interest In The Immigrants' Culture And Sometimes Even Pretend They Think Of Them As Equals.
— Orhan Pamuk —

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