Marcus Aurelius Quotes: Like Seeing Roasted Meat And Other

Like Seeing Roasted Meat And Other Dishes In Front Of You And Suddenly Realizing: This Is A Dead Fish. A Dead Bird. A Dead Pig. Or That This Noble Vintage Is Grape Juice, And The Purple Robes Are Sheep Wool Dyed With Shellfish Blood. Or Making Love-something Rubbing Against Your Penis, A Brief Seizure And A Little Cloudy Liquid. Perceptions Like That-latching Onto Things And Piercing Through Them, So We See What They Really Are. That's What We Need To Do All The Time-all Through Our Lives When Things Lay Claim To Our Trust-to Lay Them Bare And See How Pointless They Are, To Strip Away The Legend That Encrusts Them. Pride Is A Master Of Deception: When You Think You're Occupied In The Weightiest Business, That's When He Has You In His Spell.
— Marcus Aurelius —

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