Sharon Salzberg Quotes: Instead The Buddha Replied I Am Going To

Instead, The Buddha Replied, "I Am Going To Send You Back To The Same Forest, But I Will Provide You With The Only Protection You Will Need." This Was The First Teaching Of Metta Meditation. The Buddha Encouraged The Monks Not Only To Recite The Metta Phrases But To Actually Practice Them. As These Stories All Seem To End So Happily, So Did This One-it Is Said That The Monks Went Back And Practiced Metta, So That The Tree Spirits Became Quite Moved By The Beauty Of The Loving Energy Filling The Forest, And Resolved To Care For And Serve The Monks In All Ways. The Inner Meaning Of The Story Is That A Mind Filled With Fear Can Still Be Penetrated By The Quality Of Lovingkindness. Moreover, A Mind That Is Saturated By Lovingkindness Cannot Be Overcome By Fear; Even If Fear Should Arise, It Will Not Overpower Such A Mind.
— Sharon Salzberg —

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