Atul Gawande Quotes: When I Was A Child The Lessons My Father

When I Was A Child, The Lessons My Father Taught Me Had Been About Perseverance, Never To Accept Limitations That Stood In My Way. As An Adult, Watching Him In His Final Years, I Also Saw How To Come To Terms With Limits That Couldn't Simply Be Wished Away. When To Shift From Pushing Against Limits To Making The Best Of Them Is Not Often Readily Apparent. But It Is Clear That Are Times When The Cost Of Pushing Exceeds Its Value. Helping My Father Through The Struggle To Define That Moment Was Simultaneously Among The Most Painful And Most Privileged Experiences Of My Life. Part Of The Way My Father Handled The Limits He Faced Was By Looking At Them Without Illusion. Though His Circumstances Sometimes Got Him Down, He Never Pretended They Were Better Than They Were. He Always Understood That Life Is Short And One's Place In The World Is Small. But He Also Saw Himself As A Link In A Chain Of History.
— Atul Gawande —

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