Gail McHugh Quotes: Yeah I Guess We Were Both Willing To Do

Yeah. I Guess We Were Both Willing To Do That, Gavin. I Was Ready To Take That Plunge And Never Look Back. Never. I Was Ready To Risk Everything For You, To Push Away The Overwhelming Fear I Had Because I Knew You And I Are Worth It. We Fell In Love In A Second. I Was Barely Able To Blink, And You Had My Entire World Upside-down. I Was Scared You Weren't ... Real. I Was Scared No One Could Be As Magnetic As You Are To Me. It Still Scares Me. You Still Scare Me." Pausing, Emily Shook Her Head.
"Then I Saw Gina, And All My Fears Came Back. My Heart Wanted To Believe You, But My Head Wouldn't Allow It After I'd Already Taken That Risk On Us. I'm So Sorry, Gavin. I Don't Know What Else To Say Other Than I Love You And Need You With Everything Inside Me
— Gail McHugh —

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