Adriane Leigh Quotes: Just Then Carter Burst Through The Door

Just Then Carter Burst Through The Door Of My Room. His Hair Was Wild And He Had A Frantic Look In His Eyes. 
I Bolted Up In Bed, "What's Wrong?" 
"Eva." He Dropped To His Knees At The Edge Of My Bed And Grasped My Hips With Both Of His Palms. He Laid His Head In My Lap And I Ran My Fingers Through His Hair. 
"I Knew Something Was Wrong When I Left. I Knew We Weren't Right. I Tried To Go Home. I Tried To Workout, Get Work Done, Go To Bed. My Bed Sheets Feel Empty When You're Not There. Your Heartbeat Helps Me Sleep. Your Breath Soothes My Soul. I Know You're Mad, But, Please Don't Leave. Don't Run On Me Eva, I Love You, More Than I Knew I Could Ever Love Anyone. When We're Apart I Think Of Nothing But You. You're My Everything.
— Adriane Leigh —

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