J.D. Robb Quotes: She Would Be A Sparkling Accent On His

She Would Be A Sparkling Accent On His Arm. She Speaks Flawless French And Italian, And Has A Limitless Supply Of Charm When She Wishes To Dispense It. And'd She'll Use Him. She'll Take, Take More. If It Was Necessary, Or If She Simply Had The Whim, She'd Toss Him To The Wolves To See Who'd Win."
He Finished The Whiskey. "You, Lieutenant, Are Often Crude, You Are Certainly Rude, And Have Very Little Sense Of How To Be The Wife
in Public
of A Man In Roarke's Position. And You Would Do Anything, No Matter What The Personal Risk, To Keep Him From Harm. She Will Never Love Him. You Will Never Do Anything But.
— J.D. Robb —

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