Sue Monk Kidd Quotes: Lily Owens If Your Favorite Color Is

Lily Owens: If Your Favorite Color Is Blue, Why Did You Paint The House Pink?
August Boatwright: [chuckles] That Was May's Doing. When We Went To The Paint Shop, She Latched On To A Color Called, "Caribbean Pink." She Said It Made Her Feel Like Dancing A Spanish Flamenco. I Personally Thought It Was The Tackiest Color I Had Ever Seen, But I Figured If It Could Lift May's Heart, It Was Good Enough To Live In.
Lily Owens: That Was Awfully Nice Of You.
August Boatwright: Well, I Don't Know. Some Things In Life, Like The Color Of A House, Don't Really Matter. But Lifting Someone's Heart? Now, That Matters.
— Sue Monk Kidd —

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