Melina Marchetta Quotes: This Hand Says You Spend The Rest Of

This Hand Says You Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Me," He Said, Holding Out His Left Hand, "and This One Says I Spend The Rest Of My Life With You. Choose."
She Bit Her Lip, Tears Welling In Her Eyes. She Took Both Of His Hands In Hers And He Shuddered. "I Will Die Protecting You," He Says.
There Was A Look Of Dismay On Her Face. "Just Like A Man Of This Kingdom, Finnikin. Talking Of Death, Yours Or Mine, Is Not A Good Way To Begin A-"
Isaboe Gave A Small Gasp When He Leaned Forward, His Lips An Inch Away From Hers. "I Will Die For You," He Whispered.
She Cupped His Face In Her Hands. "But Promise Me You'll Live For Me First, My Love. Because Nothing We Are About To Do Is Going To Be Easy And I Need You By My Side.
— Melina Marchetta —

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