Marissa Meyer Quotes: In Preparing For This Ceremony Kai Said

In Preparing For This Ceremony," Kai Said, Setting The Bouquet On The Mantel Behind Him, "I Did Some Research And Learned That The Word Alpha Has Held Many Meanings Across History. Alpha Can Refer To The First Of Something," Said Kai, "or The Beginning Of Everything. It Can Be Attributed To A Particularly Powerful Or Charismatic Person, Or It Can Signify The Dominant Leader In A Pack Of Animals, Most Notably, Of Course, Wolves." His Serious Expression Tweaked Briefly Into A Teasing Smile. "It Has Meanings In Chemistry, Physics, And Even Astronomy, Where It Describes The Brightest Star In A Constellation. But It Seems Clear That Ze'ev And Scarlet Have Created Their Own Definition For The Word, And Their Relationship Has Given This Word A New Meaning For All Of Us. Being An Alpha Means That You'll Stand Against All Adversity To Be With Your Mate. It Means Accepting Each Other, Both For Your Strengths And Your Flaws. It Means Forging Your Own Path To Happiness And To Love.
— Marissa Meyer —

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