C.S. Lewis Quotes: All This Is Flashy Rhetoric About Loving

All This Is Flashy Rhetoric About Loving You.
I Never Had A Selfless Thought Since I Was Born.
I Am Mercenary And Self-seeking Through And Through:
I Want God, You, All Friends, Merely To Serve My Turn.
Peace, Re-assurance, Pleasure, Are The Goals I Seek,
I Cannot Crawl One Inch Outside My Proper Skin:
I Talk Of Love
a Scholar's Parrot May Talk Greek
But, Self-imprisoned, Always End Where I Begin.
Only That Now You Have Taught Me (but How Late) My Lack.
I See The Chasm. And Everything You Are Was Making
My Heart Into A Bridge By Which I Might Get Back
From Exile, And Grow Man. And Now The Bridge Is Breaking.
For This I Bless You As The Ruin Falls. The Pains
You Give Me Are More Precious Than All Other Gains.
— C.S. Lewis —

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