Marissa Meyer Quotes: When Kai Fell Silent She Risked A Glance

When Kai Fell Silent, She Risked A Glance At Him. He Was Staring At Her Hands [which She Always Holds Mechanic Gloves Over To Hide Her ... You Know, Cyborg Hands] ...
"Do You Ever Take Those Off?" He Asked.
Kai Tilted His Head, Peering At Her As If He Could See Right Through To The Metal Plate In Her Head ... "I Think You Should Go To The Ball With Me."
She Clutched Her Fingers ... "Stars," She Muttered. "Didn't You Already Asked Me That?"
"I'm Hoping For A More Favorable Answer This Time And I Seem To Be Getting More Desperate By The Minute."
"How Charming."
Kai's Lips Twitched. "Please?"
"Why Not?"
"I Mean, Why Me?"
Kai Hooked His Thumbs On His Pockets. "So If My Escape Hover Breaks Down, I'll Have Someone To Fix It?
— Marissa Meyer —

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