Ludwig Von Mises Quotes: The Government Desires To Purchase It

The Government Desires To Purchase; It Desires To Use The Market, Not To Disorganize It. But The Officially-fixed Price Does Disorganize The Market In Which Commodities And Services Are Bought And Sold For Money. Commerce, So Far As It Is Able, Seeks Relief In Other Ways. It Re-develops A System Of Direct Exchange, In Which Commodities And Services Are Exchanged Without The Instrumentality Of Money. Those Who Are Forced To Dispose Of Commodities And Services At The Fixed Prices Do Not Dispose Of Them To Everybody, But Merely To Those To Whom They Wish To Do A Favour. Would-be Purchasers Wait In Long Queues In Order To Snap Up What They Can Get Before It Is Too Late; They Race Breathlessly From Shop To Shop, Hoping To Find One That Is Not Yet Sold Out.
— Ludwig Von Mises —

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