Damon Suede Quotes: She Held Up Three Hangers Inside A Vinyl

She Held Up Three Hangers Inside A Vinyl Garment Bag And Hooked Them Sideways On The Coatrack To Unzip. "Raw Silk. Vintage. Sort Of A Purple-black."
"Aubergine," He Declared And Cracked The Opening Wider.
"I Love A Man Who Can Make Colors Sound Dirty." She Grinned.
"Cross-dyed." He Wondered If Trip Had Helped Pick This Out, If He'd Seen Her Model It And Convinced Her To Splurge. "Great Suit."
"I Gotta Stand Next To J.R. Ward. Feel Me?" She Fluttered Her Short Nails At Him. "Baby, I Went And Bought A Pair Of Givenchy Boots I Cannot Even Afford Because The Warden Is Gonna Be There In Full Effect, And You Know What That Means!"
He Didn't Really, But He Got The Gist. "So You Want Nighttime For Daytime."
"Extra Vampy, Hold The Trampy. Like, More Lust For Dracula Than Breaking Dawn." Rina Squeezed Her Shoulders Together To Amp Her Cleavage. "If I'm Hauling The Girls Out, No Way Can I Do Sparkly Anorexia.
— Damon Suede —

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