John F. MacArthur Jr. Quotes: Apart From Hypocrites There Are Two

Apart From Hypocrites, There Are Two Categories Of The Deceived In The Church: The Superficial And The Involved. The Superficial Are The Ones Who Call Themselves Christians Because, When They Were Little, They Went To Church Or Sunday School, They Got Confirmed, Or They "made A Decision" For Christ. You May Have Heard Someone, When He Is Getting Baptized, Say, "I Received Christ When I Was Twelve, But My Life Was A Mess After That, And Now I Want To Get Back To The Faith." The Truth Probably Is That He Never Received Christ At All When He Was Twelve. He Went Through Some Superficial Religious Activity And Was Deceived Into Thinking He Was Saved As A Result. The Involved Who Are Deceived Are A Much More Subtle And Serious Group. They're Immersed In The Activities Of The Church, Up To Their Necks. They Know The Gospel And Biblical Theology, But They Don't Obey The Word Of God.
— John F. MacArthur Jr. —

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