Virginia Woolf Quotes: There They Are The Extreme Definiteness

There They Are.
The Extreme Definiteness With Which They Stand, Now A Brilliant White, Again Yellow, And In Some Lights Red, Imposes Ideas Of Durability, Of The Emergence Through The Earth Of Some Spiritual Energy Elsewhere Dissipated In Elegant Trifles. But Durability Exists Independently Of Our Admiration. Although The Beauty Is Sufficiently Humane To Weaken Us, To Stir The Deep Deposit Of Mud - Memories, Abandonments, Regrets, Sentimental Devotions - The Parthenon Is Separate From All That; And If You Consider How It Has Stood Out At Night, For Centuries, You Begin To Connect The Blaze (at Midnight The Glare Is Dazzling And The Frieze Almost Invisible) With The Idea That Perhaps It Is Beauty Alone That Is Immortal.
— Virginia Woolf —

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