Virginia Woolf Quotes: How In So Short A Time She Had Passed

How, In So Short A Time, She Had Passed From Intoxication To Disgust We Will Only Seek To Explain By Supposing That This Mysterious Composition Which We Call Society, Is Nothing Absolutely Good Or Bad In Itself, But Has A Spirit In It, Volatile But Potent, Which Either Makes You Drunk When You Think It, As Orlando Thought It, Delightful, Or Gives You A Headache When You Think It, As Orlando Thought It, Repulsive. That The Faculty Of Speech Has Much To Do With It Either Way, We Take Leave To Doubt. Often A Dumb Hour Is The Most Ravishing Of All; Brilliant Wit Can Be Tedious Beyond Description. But To The Poets We Leave It, And So On With Our Story.
— Virginia Woolf —

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