Alyxandra Harvey Quotes: Hes Supposed To Look Out For You I Do

He's Supposed To Look Out For You."
"I Do!" Kieran Sounded Offended. "You Should Be Proud Of Her. Hart Requested Her Presence Personally At The Drake Coronation."
I Closed My Eyes Briefly. We Were Doomed.
"You Went To A Vampire Ceremony?" Grandpa Asked Evenly.
"He Didn't Know?" Kieran Asked.
"No, He Didn't."
Grandpa Vibrated With Rage. "I Will Not Tolerate This Kind Of Behavior In My Family!"
"It's Different Now," Kieran Tried To Assuage Him. "I'm Dating Solange Drake. They're A Good Family."
Grandpa Went Red, Then Purple. Kieran Took A Step Back. I Whacked Grandpa Between The Shoulder Blades.
"Grandpa, Breathe!
— Alyxandra Harvey —

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