Philip Roth Quotes: You Asked If I Thought My Fiction Had

You Asked If I Thought My Fiction Had Changed Anything In The Culture And The Answer Is No. Sure, There's Been Some Scandal, But People Are Scandalized All The Time; It's A Way Of Life For Them. It Doesn't Mean A Thing. If You Ask If I Want My Fiction To Change Anything In The Culture, The Answer Is Still No. What I Want Is To Possess My Readers While They Are Reading My Book
if I Can, To Possess Them In Ways That Other Writers Don't. Then Let Them Return, Just As They Were, To A World Where Everybody Else Is Working To Change, Persuade, Tempt, And Control Them. The Best Readers Come To Fiction To Be Free Of All That Noise, To Have Set Loose In Them The Consciousness That's Otherwise Conditioned And Hemmed In By All That Isn't Fiction. This Is Something That Every Child, Smitten By Books, Understands Immediately, Though It's Not At All A Childish Idea About The Importance Of Reading.
— Philip Roth —

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