Jeaniene Frost Quotes: Ian Gave A Sigh Of Exaggerated Patience

Ian Gave A Sigh Of Exaggerated Patience And Glanced At Bones.
"Being Related To Her Through You Is A Real Trial."
This Time, Bones Didn't Attempt To Conceal His Grin. "That's Why You Can Pick Your Friends But Not Your Family, Cousin."
An Emotion Flashed Across Ian's Face Before He Covered It With His Usual I'm-a-pain-in-the-ass-and-proud-of-it Smirk. If It Were Anyone Else, I'd Swear It Was Childlike Joy At Hearing Bones Call Him "cousin". Recent Events Had Revealed Their Long-lost Human Connection, Making Ian Both Bones's Vampire Sire And His Only Living Blood Relative.
That Meant I Was Never Getting Rid Of Him. Then Again, Considering What My Blood Relatives Had Done, Ian Was Almost A Saint By Comparison.
— Jeaniene Frost —

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