Terry Pratchett Quotes: They Are Brought Up To Give Orders They

They Are Brought Up To Give Orders, They Know That They're On The Right Side Because If They Are On It Then It Must Be The Right Side, By Definition, And When They Feel Threatened They Are Bare-knuckle Fighters, Except That They Never Take Their Gloves Off. They Are Thugs. Thugs And Bullies, Bullies, And The Worst Kind Of Bully, Because They Aren't Cowards And If You Stand Up To Them They Only Hit You Harder. They Grew Up In A World Where, If You Were Enough Trouble, They Could Have You ... Disappeared. You Think Places Like The Shades Are Bad? Then You Don't Know What Goes On In Park Lane! And My Father Is One Of The Worst. But I'm Family. We ... Care About Family. So I'll Be All Right. You Stay Here And Help Them Get The Paper Out, Will You? Half A Truth Is Better Than Nothing, He Added Bitterly.
— Terry Pratchett —

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