Julie Kagawa Quotes: Ash Pulled Me Closer His Eyes Gentle As

Ash Pulled Me Closer, His Eyes Gentle As They Gazed Into Mine. "Meghan, I'm Going To Tell You Something Someone Once Told Me, When I Was Afraid Of What Was To Come." He Lowered His Head, Soft Strands Of His Hair Brushing My Skin. "Nothing Is Certain," He Murmured. "The Future Is Constantly Changing, And No One Can Predict What Will Happen Next. We Have The Power To Change Our Destiny, Because Fate Is Not Set In Stone, And We Are Always Free To Make A Choice." His Fingers Came Up To Brush My Hair Back, Tucking It Behind One Ear. "A Very Powerful Seer Told Me That, Once. And She Was Right. That's Why I'm Not Afraid Of The Oracle's Prophecy, Or The Future. We Are Only Slaves To Fate If We Let It Control Us. There Is Always A Choice.
— Julie Kagawa —

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