Julie Kagawa Quotes: Time Has No Meaning In The Wyldwood Day

Time Has No Meaning In The Wyldwood. Day And Night Don't Really Exist Here, Just Light And Darkness, And They Can Be As Fickle And Moody As Everything Else. A "night" Can Pass In The Space Of A Blink, Or Go On Forever. Light And Darkness Will Chase Each Other Through The Sky, Play Hide-and-seek Or Tag Or Catch-me-if-you-can. Sometimes, One Or The Other Will Become Offended ... And Refuse To Come Out For An Indefinite Amount Of Time. Once, Light Became So Angry, A Hundred Years Passed In The Mortal Realm Before It Deigned To Come Out Again. And Though The Sun Continued To Rise And Set In The Human World, It Was A Rather Turbulent Period For The World Of Men, As All The Creatures Who Lurked In Darkness And Shadow Got To Roam Freely Under The Lightless Nevernever Skies.
— Julie Kagawa —

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