Richard Paul Evans Quotes: Its A Stupid Question Really As Weve All

It's A Stupid Question, Really, As We've All Got An Expiration Date. I Guess The Real Question Is Not If, But When. As I Was Walking Through The South Dakota Badlands-before I Knew Something Was Wrong With Me-I Had This Thought: What If We All Carried Little Timers That Counted Down The Days Of Our Lives? Maybe The Timer's A Bit Dramatic. Just The Date Would Do. It Could Be Tattooed On Our Foreheads Like The Expiration Date On A Milk Bottle. It Might Be A Good Thing. Maybe We'd Stop Wasting Our Lives Worrying About Things That Never Happen, Or Collecting Things That We Can't Take With Us. We'd Probably Treat People Better. We Certainly Wouldn't Be Screaming At Someone Who Had A Day Left. Maybe People Would Finally Stop Living Like They're Immortal. Maybe We Would Finally Learn How To Live. I've Wondered
— Richard Paul Evans —

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