Lorraine Heath Quotes: He Rolled Her Over Rising Above Her

He Rolled Her Over, Rising Above Her, Cupping Her Cheek. "I Wasn't Lying, Loree. I've Always Heard The Music In My Heart ... But I Lost The Ability To Do That When I Went To Prison. It Was Like The Music Just Shriveled Up And Died. I Thought I'd Never Hear It Again. How Could I Play The Violin If I Couldn't Hear The Music? Then Lately, I Started Going Crazy Because I'd Hear Snatches Of Music-when You'd Look At Me Or Smile At Me. But I Couldn't Grab Onto It, I Couldn't Hold It. Then Last Night, You Told Me That You Loved Me And I Heard The Music, So Sweet, So Soft. It Scared Me To Hear It So Clearly After I Hadn't For So Long.
"Tonight, I Hurt You-again. I Was Going To Let You Go, Loree. I Was Gonna Take You Back To Austin. But I Heard My Heart Break ... And I Knew That's All I'd Hear For The Rest Of My Life. Don't Leave Me, Sugar."
Joy Filled Her And She Brushed The Locks Of Hair Back Off His Brow. "I Won't."
-Austin And Loree
— Lorraine Heath —

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