Lorraine Heath Quotes: He Skidded To A Dead Halt And Stared

He Skidded To A Dead Halt And Stared Hard At Austin. The Boy's Chin Carried So Many Nicks From His First Shave That It Was A Wonder He Hadn't Bled To Death. He Was A Year Older Than Houston Had Been When He'd Last Stood On A Battlefield. Sweet Lord, Houston Had Never Had The Opportunity To Shave His Whole Face; He'd Never Flirted With Girls, Wooed Women, Or Danced Through The Night. He'd Never Loved.
Not Until Amelia.
And He'd Given Her Up Because He'd Thought It Was Best For Her. Because He Had Nothing To Offer Her But A One-roomed Log Cabin, A Few Horses, A Dream So Small That It Wouldn't Cover The Palm Of Her Hand.
And His Heart. His Wounded Heart.
— Lorraine Heath —

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