Suzanne Young Quotes: Have You Seen My Daughter Daughter Im

Have You Seen My Daughter?"
"Daughter?" I'm The Worst Liar Ever. I Stare At Sarah's Tall, Imposing Father And Try To Smile. "She's Getting Us A Table?"
He Narrows His Gray Eyes, And Then Tightens His Mouth. "Is That A Question Or A Statement?"
"Statement?" I'm So Blowing This.
He Exhales And Nods. "Well, Then. I Guess I'll See You In The Banquet Room."
Harlin Grins As Sarah's Father Walks Away. "You Are So Subtle, Charlotte. Are You A Ninja?"
"Shut Up."
"I'm Sure He Didn't Find That At All Suspicious."
He Laughs And Kisses The Top Of My Head. "I'll Stop," He Says. "But Where Is Sarah? You Might Want To Find Her Before We Sit Down For Chicken With That Man. What Will You Say If He Asks You To Pass The Mashed Potatoes? Mashed Potatoes?" Harlin Finishes, Imitating My Voice.
— Suzanne Young —

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